Monday, July 11, 2011

Where has BilliAnn been?

I am finally back to reality.  And by the way, reality is not receiving a warm welcome after 2.5 weeks in Charleston, SC.  2.5 weeks is a long time to stay with anyone other than your spouse, and even then 24/7 with your spouse might be too much too.  But, we had a wonderful visit to see my family and all made it out alive and had a great time too.  I now have a great list of things to do for the 5-year old and under crowd when visiting Charleston, SC.  Don't get me wrong.  This is not the usual list of tourist activities.  We never even set foot in downtown Charleston per say, but found so many things to do anyway.

But, the most important and recent change in our family is that...goodness NO we are not having another baby.  Rather, we had a family haircut day yesterday.  My hubby and Lil' Buddy shaved their heads while KM and I had our hair cut by a professional.

Have you been or are you going on a family vacation this summer?  Share where are you going or have been.

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