Saturday, July 2, 2011

CVS pays me $$ to shop?

Rite-Aid is a great example of a pharmacy where you can get your items for free.  I don't know as much about them as I do CVS since I grew up having a CVS downstairs from my dad's office.  He and my PopPop, before he passed, used to send me downstairs to buy candy.  Let me tell you, this was long before ExtraCare Bucks, but this is where my love for CVS started.

Sadly, I am also addicted to CVS.  I'm not sure I would go to another pharmacy unless the CVS was several miles away and/or not even available at my location.  So, again I don't know much about Rite Aid and will defer to CouponsCouponsCoupons.

CVS also has rules for how to spend:
  1. Always use the coupon that is $X off $XX first, so you are sure you meet the minimum total required to use the coupon.  These are usually emailed out or printed from the ExtraCare card machines.  (SO, go enroll your EC card online, NOW!!!  No seriously!  Open a new tab and do this NOW!)  Now that card is enrolled, let's move on.
  2. Always use CVS store coupons second.  These are the coupons that print from the EC machine or are printed at the bottom of your receipt.  Example: $1 off Bag of Dove Chocolate
  3. Use manufacturer's coupons.  This is where stacking comes in handy and helps you make money.
  4. Now's the time to spend those ECB.  **Take note that depending on your cashier, you may or may not use ECB for taxes or prescriptions.**  You may have to pay the tax out of pocket.
Every, or almost every, week there is at least one item listed in the ad as free after ECB.  What this means is you pay out of pocket now, but you get your $$ back in ECB.  The way to a moneymaker is to use a CVS coupon and/or manufacturer's coupon in addition to this deal.  For Example (6/26-7/02/2011):

RepHresh Brilliant Tampons $6.79
Get $6.79 ECB WYB RepHresh Brillant Tampons
$1/1 RepHresh Brilliant Tampons
= FREE + $1.00 moneymaker

The best way to utilize your ECB is to spend them on your next purchase or split your transaction into 2 so that you you can use the ECB from one on the other.  If you save them until the next week to spend on your transaction, then you have "rolled" your ECB.

Don't forget that every dollar you spend at CVS out of pocket (total after all coupons and ECB spent and before receiving ECB for current transaction) earn $0.02.  You also get $1 for every 2 prescriptions you purchase at CVS.

Let me know if you have other questions.

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