Friday, July 1, 2011

The Big Leagues: Rite Aid!!!!!

CouponsCouponsCoupons' two favorite stores in the world: Saks in NYC and Rite Aid ANYWHERE in the world!  No joke!  I promise you this, if you can learn to shop at Rite Aid, you won't have to pay for anything besides food anymore.  My house is stocked with body wash, shampoo, conditioner, cleaning products, toilet paper etc... all free from Rite Aid.  Now Rite Aid's marketing department must be headed by someone with multiple personalities because their promotions are the most complicated of any store out there.  In fact, I'm not even going to type them up because H2S has a really great guide right here.  Yes, it is a little nutty but if you can get it down to a science, you won't have to pay for anything in that store.

Now which Rite Aids in our area are the best?  Our little Rite Aid in the Bradlee Center rocks but doesn't always have very much stock.  The one on Columbia Pike and South Walter Reed, handing them a coupon is like handing them a note that says you are going to rob the place.  But guess what?  Too bad!  All my coupons are legitimate and I don't care how much the cashier whines/hates her life/doesn't want to scan the coupon, she is going to take them.  So only go to that Rite Aid if you are ready for a fight.  There's a Rite Aid on Duke Street that is cleared out of sale items on the first day of the sale around 7 am by the. most. annoying. lady. EVER!!!!!!!  She gives all couponers a bad name and is a total hag. The Pentagon City Rite Aid is fine, so is the other one out past Bailey's Crossroads in Culmore.  Can you tell I shop at Rite Aid a lot?

Shopping at Rite Aid and CVS is kind of like the next level of couponing but it really can help out your household budget.  I know it definitely isn't for everyone and that is OK! If you have any questions about shopping at Rite Aid let me know!

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