Tuesday, June 28, 2011

You've Got Questions I've Got Answers

CouponsCouponsCoupons got some questions and wanted to answer them so that no one is confused!

1. What do you mean that Harris Teeter won't take a free internet coupons? Okay Harris Teeter will take any coupon you print off the internet EXCEPT a coupon for a free product.  Like they will take a printed coupon for $1 off of Brand X Toilet Paper but not a printed coupon for Free Brand X Toilet Paper With This Coupon!

2. What is a blogger match up? Lots of bloggers get the store circulars early and will go through their coupon databases and match the coupons to the sales.  This is really helpful so that you don't have to do it!  I will try to post the best blogs for each store and if you know some, post them too!  A lot of blogs aren't as good as others though so I will only post the cream of the crop.

3. Wait...BRU takes BBB coupons?  Are you SERIOUS?  Will they take an expired BBB coupon? Guys! I never joke about coupons!  But you shouldn't be shopping at BRU anyways, unless you want the worst value in everything.  Even with a BBB coupon, you should just take the money out of your pocketbook before you go in and kiss it goodbye!  What are you all buying there?  I hope it's not diapers.  I can show you how to get diapers for around $2 a pack or less!  Stop shopping there!  But yes, they will take your BBB coupon and I have had them take an expired one there before (Sometimes I don't take my own advice!) but I think it really depends on what cashier you get.

Thanks guys!  I hope this helps!

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