Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Who Uses Coupons? Losers or Upper Middle Class?

Sometimes people can be pretty rude and misinformed about using coupons. Two of the biggest "myths" out there about coupon use are that coupons are for "poor" people (and so what if they were, jeez) and that coupons are just for processed crap that no one should eat.  

First, studies have shown that coupons use is highest in the upper middle class income bracket. The people who need to save money the most (those on government assistance, those in the lowest income bracket) do not use coupons at all due to not knowing how to use them or the stigma attached to them.  When I volunteered at the food bank down in Shirlington, I really wanted to get my act together and teach a coupon class to the food bank patrons so that they could stretch their food stamps to the maximum but I never ended up doing that.  I'll write another email on how you can donate extra items you get for free through couponing to the food bank or church groups to help support the poor right in our own community.  
Addition by BilliAnn:
Check out this link, People That Use Coupons Are Losers, by Budget Savvy Diva on June 20, 2011
A checker at WalMart told her that only Losers Use Coupons.  Her response?!  Give her a business card and say, "See what a loser can do."

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