Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Saving $$$ at Giant

Giant is a great place to shop (despite my car getting smashed in the parking lot by a drunk driver!) if you know how to get the deals!--CouponsCouponsCoupons

You're gonna need a Bonus Card! Just like at Harris Teeter, Giant requires you to sign up for their store card in order to qualify for their specials.  It's really no big deal, just go to customer service and ask for a form!

Giant doubles coupons up to 99 cents. Sometimes, Giant will print "Dollar Doubler" coupons in their circular but these are pretty rare and you can only find these in the Giant circulars that are mailed to your homes on Fridays (yeah, they aren't even in the Sunday papers or in store).  And you would use those paired with a $1 manufacturer coupon for a $2 savings.  This is a pretty infrequent coupon event at Giant, so I wouldn't plan on this happening too often. If you have an iPhone, you can link your Bonus card to the Giant app and you can load extra savings onto your card that will come off at checkout automatically.  You can also look at the circular on the app if you are super bored.  The Giant in Baileys Crossroads and the new one on Columbia Pike have the handheld scanners that you can use to scan your groceries while you shop, those sometimes have automatic savings in them that are different than other electronic coupons so I try to use that whenever I can although my son likes to grab it and throw it on the floor.  Giant also has store coupons that are sometimes in the circular and sometimes in mailers sent to your house.  These store coupons can be paired with a manufacturer's coupon.

Giant has ALOT of promotions. They probably have more than any other grocery store around.  The first one and probably the most visible one is the Shell Gas Points promotion.  If you spend $100 at Giant, you get 10 cents off per gallon at Shell.  This seems like it is a really good deal but if you have a 20 gallon tank, you are only saving $2.00 after spending $100 at Giant. So, not that great of a deal in my book because it can take me a long time to spend $100 at Giant!  So, Giant has another way to earn gas points, Giant has promotions weekly where you buy a combination of items and you can earn a few hundred gas points.  If you use coupons, this can be a great deal.  During one promotion, I was able to earn 2900 gas points with very little money out of pocket (plus I got a bunch of food).  That's right, I got $2.90 off per gallon of gas so I basically pulled my car AND my husband's car up to the gas pump and filled both cars up for under $2.  

Giant also runs promotions where go spend $XXX, get $XX off your next order.  For example, they do this every March for Frozen Food Month (I bet you didn't know March was Frozen Food Month) where you spend $100 in multiple trips and a coupon will print out for $25 off of your next order.  Your totals will track on the bottom of your receipt so you don't have to spend all $100 in one trip.  The only annoying thing is coupons are deducted from your total so you actually have to spend $100 out of pocket to get the $25 but it's still a good deal because you are earning gas points as well!  

Additionally, like just last week, Giant will run promos like spend $50 on Pepsi products, get a free ticket to Hershey park and they will advertise which Pepsi products count for the promotion.  These promos are always based on presale price no matter what the ad says.  If Pepsi is on sale, for $2 and the regular price is $5, you might think you need to buy 25 Pepsi to get the free ticket to Hershey park but you don't.  You only need to buy 10.  I could explain why this is and I am sure this is REALLY confusing but I can do another whole thing on marketing promos next week.  This is a totally secret tip and if you try to ask a cashier about this they will just look at you with that stunned deer in the headlights look.

Bag credit! If you bring your own bag to Giant you get 5 cents off for EVERY bag!  Save the environment, save money!

Giant takes competitor's coupons. They will honor them as a pricematch.  I've had them take a Safeway coupon out of their circular or from their website.  It is the manager's discretion to decide what counts as a competitor so if you bring them a coupon from some Texas grocery store they probably won't take it.  You just take the coupon you want honored to customer service and they will give you cash for it.

There's probably something I'm forgetting but I didn't stop at Starbucks this morning so I'm braindead!  If you have something to add, add it!

Happy shopping!

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