Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Printable Coupons and how you might be able to quadruple dip on the savings

by BilliAnn

As CouponsCouponsCoupons mentioned, there are many sites on the web to print coupons.

Where to find printable coupons?

Printed coupons are all over the net, but you can find them in clusters on this list that is not all-inclusive:
I read a coupon was listed on a certain site and now it's not there?!

You'll be saying to yourself, duh, in a minute.  Coupons are like items for sale in the store, when the inventory runs out, there are no more items (gone).  However, there are also other reasons:
  • The coupon is listed for certain zip codes only
  • New coupons are added frequently due to supply and demand
  • A new month has started 
Some coupons are listed in certain zip codes and some seem to better than others.  I have no idea why that is, but here is a list of zip codes I found once.  CouponsDealsandMore wrote:
A few years ago 90210 was the best zip code out, but then everyone figured that out and it did not take long for all the released coupons in that zip code to disappear quickly. The manufacturers must be thrilled so many multi-millionaire film stars use their 55¢ coffee creamer coupons!
New coupons come out the first of each month, but that means you can still snag the coupons from the month ending too.  I know it seems silly, but I only check for new coupons at the beginning of each month, when I see them posted elsewhere (because I am reminded to check them), and at the end of the month. That's my strategy.  Please share yours too since we are all trying to learn from each other.

How can I Triple or Quadruple Dip on the Coupons I print?

I love using  This site is a way to search the internet and do assorted other things where you can earn points towards thing like Amazon gift cards.  They have Coupons that you can print that are usually similar to the ones you can print from  The deal is that when you use your coupon at the store, they credit extra points to your account, usually about 10-20 points per coupon.  Those points add up as slowly, but not as S-L-O-W-L-Y as the upromise money that CouponsCouponsCoupons mentioned.  Best of all you can still earn the upromise and savingstar rewards while you are earning points too.  So now you are triple or quadruple dipping on your coupons and shopping trip.

Now go out there and earn money for nothing, but shopping to survive.

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