Sunday, June 19, 2011

Learn to Coupon ... in 30 Days

Oh goodness!  I had no idea we were starting the Learn to Coupon series one week in.  I am so sorry.

So, I'll do a little speed reading and extra homework to catch-up; you do the same.  In the meantime, here's the lowdown on what we'll be reading:
Welcome to Learn to Coupon …. in 30 Days forthemommas

Are you struggling to get started couponing? Are you overwhelmed with all the terminology? Maybe you are looking for a refresher course in couponing.

If so, the Learn to Coupon.. in 30 Days is the series for you. Each day we will review some couponing basics and strategies to successful couponing.

The goal of this series is to teach you the basics of couponing. Where to start, what coupons to use, how to use your coupons and more.This series will focus on realistic strategies for couponing.  There will be some depth to the posts, so you will need to spend the time reading the posts in the entirety. Since each post will build on the day before, I suggest you read them chronologically.

Day #1 - The Anatomy of A Coupon
Day #2 - Understanding Coupon Barcodes
Day #3 – Understanding Buy One, Get One Free
Day #4 – Stacking Coupons
Day #5 – Where to Find Coupons Part I
Day #6 – Where to Find Coupon Part II
Day #7 - Where to Find Online Coupons
Day #8 - How to Organize Your Coupons Part I
Day #9 – How to Organize Your Coupons Part II
Day #10 – What is a Catalina

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