Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's been a few days since this all started

Wow!!! do you know many other people blog about savings?  Let me tell you: Hundreds!  And those are just the ones I've seen.

I have "liked" countless Facebook pages to get ideas, find deals, and enter contests.  Now I have so many FB posts I am having to "hide" posts just to see the posts from yesterday.  I have also found that FB needs to have the hide feature on their mobile app.

I did find this great site The Frugal Map.  This site has many savings blogs all mapped out.  I can't get listed there yet as I just started and don't meet the first requirement, established blog greater than 3 months old.

So, that's my goal: see how many "friends" I can make in 3 months.  Just to quantify it, let's say 10 followers.  Follow me on Google Friend Connect and help me become established and show that I have a "following".

There is still so much to learn, but fortunately, I found "How to Organize Coupons" by forthemommas.  I am hoping this can help me and you.  I will be sharing her blog daily and what I learned from it that is new or news to me.

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