Sunday, June 19, 2011

I Just Won 8 Swag Bucks on

Do you use the Swag Bucks toolbar as your search engine? Why not? I Just Won 8 Swag Bucks on  After I earn 450 Swag Bucks, I usually cash it in for a $5 Gift Certificate at Amazon. That's pretty awesome for just searching. You can also earn an automatic 5 Sag Bucks per day by:
  1. Opening your web browser one per day (1)
  2. Completing the Daily Poll (1)
  3. Completing the NOSO, which requires nothing but hitting the skip button until you are asked to type a security code (2)
  4. Clicking on Trusted Surveys (1) No need to complete a survey.

Love Swag Bucks! I have already earned over 4800 SB this year using the above and collecting points from Swag Codes when they are available. From now on, I will be posting them here, if I know about them in time to post.

Good luck:-)

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