Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How to Get Cheap Diapers!!!!

Getting Started by CouponsCouponsCoupons
Babycheapskate has a great spreadsheet here where she has broken out the price per diaper that you are looking to pay.  She calls them "stockopportunities".  But you're thinking, okay who cares, I don't want to do math, I just want to save money!  Fine!  She also has a weekly feature where she shows you the best diaper (and formula) deals every week right here.  She hasn't done it the past two weeks because she has been on vacation but usually it is pretty darn good.  

So let's say you just used you're last diaper and you are stressing.  You would look at Babycheapskate and see where the diapers are the cheapest and go buy some diapers.  If you are looking to stock up on some diapers, you would read her weekly features and when she writes "stockopportunity" you might want to pick up a few packs because you are getting a great price!

The Next Steps

Where are the best deals on diapers?  Hands down, Rite Aid and CVS.  Shocking?  80% of my diapers came from there, the rest probably from Amazon and a few from Target. 

Costco is a terrible deal.  Stop shopping there!  My husband won't stop renewing our membership!  They are a giant money drain!  Once you see how great you can do at regular grocery and drug stores you will give Costco the BOOT.
How do I get diapers for $2?
Hahaha!  It's actually really easy!  I'll try to type out a whole lesson on it but it might be better to go through all the stores and their policies first... I'm not sure which way to do it.  Last spring before my son was born, I filled my attic with diapers for around $200 total.  And I mean FILLED with THOUSANDS of diapers!  Mostly because I just wanted to see how good I was at couponing AND have you guys seen how much diapers cost????? WOW! It's expensive out there!  My husband thought they would melt into one diaper blob in the summer heat!  So, now I'm at the point where I won't buy any diapers unless the store is paying me to take them.
Thanks guys!  I hope this tides you over until I have time to write some more!

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