Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How many followers makes a following?!

It seems like getting 5 FB and GCF should be my goal this week.  Currently, I have me, Mark, and a neighbor.  I'd like to see if I could someone to become a "fan" without knowing me.  I guess that's truely the marker of greatness, but until then, let me strive for 5.

Follow me on Google Friend Connect and Facebook help me become established and show that I have a "following".

There is still so much to learn, but fortunately, I found "How to Organize Coupons" by forthemommas.  I am hoping this can help me and you.  I will be sharing her blog daily and what I learned from it that is new or news to me.

So yesterday's "How to Organize Coupons" explained about the coupon accordion book and the binder methods.  I have been using the coupon accordion book, but wouldn't you know it, I've gone and lost it with $20 worth of ECB from CVS in it.  This week I had collected all my coupons from the paper went to 2 CVS's to find everything I wanted at one store and realized I don't know where my ECBs are from last week's deal.  ARGH!!!  So I might look into this binder method since my accordion file is gone and it seems that I am not able to keep track of something so small. 

I also learned that my mother-in-law has learned to "out Billian the Billians" with her $10JCP coupon of $10 she bought our daughter nightgown and paid more to ship it than she paid for it.  That's always a bummer, but glad I've turned her back on the power of a coupon.

Last night I met the person who turned my husband on to coupons.  Doug was friends with hubby when he was in the Navy and is hubby's original "extreme couponer" because he would buy things he didn't need in order to walk out of the store paying less than if he hadn't bought the unneeded items.  Doug, go to meet you and thanks for turning hubby on to the possibility of using coupons.

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