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How Can I Save at Harris Teeter?

How Can I Save at Harris Teeter? by "CouponcsCouponsCoupons"

Harris Teeter is seriously my boyfriend when it comes to grocery shopping.  They have the best prices in the area (shocked?), the friendliest staff, the cleanest stores and a free balloon to keep kids occupied so they doesn't grab coupons and scatter them all over the store. If you just go to Harris Teeter and don't shop the sales and don't use coupons, yeah you will spend alot of money, but if you shop smart, you will get alot of stuff for very little money!

First, get a VIC card.  You sign up at customer service.  My VIC card is so old it's tied to my phone number from when I lived in Florida. If you don't want Harris Teeter tracking you or whatever, feel free to sign up under a fake name like Michelle Obama and give the White House main switchboard as your phone number. But it's probably not a big deal if some guy in Harris Teeter marketing knows I buy lots of ketchup and bagels...whatever!

Second, take that VIC card and go home and sign up for eVic.  eVic is like another level of VIC savings.  Each week they have one loss leader just for eVic members.  This week, it's 77 cent eggs and BOGO Plum Organics baby food.  Unfortunately, if you sign up today, you can't get this week's eVics, you have to wait until next week.  These deals are tied to your card and have hard limits (usually limit 2 per card).  When you sign up for eVic, HT will send you an email with additional offers on Friday, these offers are in addition to the eVic special everyone gets (like the eggs) and are based on your shopping habits.  Like I might get a Friday offer for cat food whereas someone who has no cats wouldn't get that offer.  If that's not enough dealz dealz dealz for you, the Friday email will also have another deal in for a Saturday only special available only to eVic members.  It's usually something like 99 cent Coke 2 liters or something.  All these deals are usually pretty good so it is well worth the 2 minutes it takes to sign up for this.

Now, add some eCoupons to your VIC card! If you've made it this far, you're saving more money than like 99% of the people who shop at HT. You can go here and add eCoupons to your VIC card.  These are coupons that go on your card and can be stacked with a paper coupon and a sale.  Harris Teeter calls these ZVRs, why? I don't know.  So they work like if Brand X toilet paper is on sale for $2 and I have a ZVR for $1 and a coupon for 25 cents then I will pay only 50 cents.  $2-$1ZVR- $0.25 coupon x2 (HT doubled).  They come off automatically at checkout.  Sometimes if you scan your card or give your phone number after the cashier has started scanning items, the ZVRs won't come off.  If this happens, you can get refunded at customer service.  ZVRs are sometimes reloadable meaning after you use them, you can go home and put them back on your card.  This doesn't always happen and I don't know why it does or doesn't.

This is really tough! No it's not!  You're doing GREAT!

What are some quirks about shopping at HT? Okay so you are limited to 20 coupons a day during coupon events, seems like a lot now but every day this week I will max out my 20.  HT will not take free coupons printed off the internet and will only double 3 of the same coupon in one transaction.  Also, BOGOs at HT ring up half price.  So if Brand X toilet paper is $2 and BOGO, each one will ring up $1.  This is actually not a bad thing because you can use 2 coupons on this sale.

Which HT should I shop at? The Shirlington HT is great but small and doesn't always have everything I want.  I usually head over to the Duke Street HT because they are super nice there.  The North Glebe Rd one is too hectic, the South Glebe Rd one is like your own personal HT, no one is ever there.

Okay! I'm ready to go! Is there anyway I can know how much I am going to spend BEFORE I go?  YES! I always look up the prices of things I need or the prices of items for coupons I have before I go so I can budget or see if something is really a good deal.  Just because HT has it on sale or is doubling a coupon does NOT mean it is a good deal.  You can look up the prices very easily on HT's Express Lane.  Here's a link to the Foxchase Store.  Before Super Doubles, I take out all my dollar or greater coupons and look up the prices to plan my trips.  While I do use blogs for matchups, they do miss some things and some things that aren't good deals to them are good deals to me and vice versa.

PHEW  did you get all that?

Okay so I went to HT this morning and did what I consider to be a regular shopping trip for me.  I didn't get 300 bottles of mustard, just some things we were out of.  But this is just to show you what you can buy and what I consider a good deal.

I got:
6 packs of Gerber 2nd Food Purees
1 Bounty Paper Towels
1 Charmin Toilet Paper
1 Bounty Napkins
1 Pampers Wipes
2 Kellogs Frosted Miniwheats
2 Plum Organics Babyfood
1 Edwards Frozen Pie
3 Sargento Shredded Cheese
1 Breakstone Sour Cream
2 Dannon Yogurt Multipacks
1 Dozen Eggs
1 Bailey's Coffee Creamer
1 Johnsonville Apple Sausage

Total after VIC savings but before coupons: 54.05 
Total after coupons: 9.47

Thanks for reading!  Sorry this is so long!

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