Friday, June 17, 2011

Give Freely

I want people to save so they can give.  Whether it is money or objects I believe that giving to those in need is hugely therapeutic for both the giver and receiver. 
So the first step I want to take in this effort to make sure my blog fulfills it’s purpose is to list the free food items at the grocery store every week in their own post.  What I am hoping you will do is pick up one of these free items when you grocery shop and give it away.  Give it to your food pantry at church, drop it off at the food bank or give it to a friend who needs it.
In these tough times people are struggling to make ends meet.  If everyone who reads this blog would just pick up ONE extra food item every week for someone in need, we could make a profound difference in our communities.  So every Wednesday I will post “Food For Free” and suggest the most useful items you can donate!
 Originally posted on Nov 15, 2010 by aFrugalChick

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