Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Double (or triple) dip your savings at the grocery store!

CouponsCouponscoupons shares two ways that you can double dip your savings at the grocery store and earn straight up cash!

The first is Upromise.  This is a program that lets you earn cash for your child's college education just by shopping at the grocery store.  Now they have lots of other programs that you can sign up for but the only one that I participate in is the grocery one.  You link your store cards on their website and then just go shopping and slowly (VERY SLOWLY) you will earn money back just by shopping and buying products at the store.  Now I signed up back in 2006 so sometime before then, you didn't need to actually have a baby to sign up.  I currently have earned $82 in my Upromise account so you are going to earn very very very very slowly, literally a penny at a time.  However, that's $82 in free money that I didn't do anything to get. So hopefully by the time my child is in college, I will have earned enough to buy him a textbook or something (if they even still have textbooks then!)  Nothing will show up on your receipt or in the store if you use Upromise, it is all handled at the website.  Did I mention it is VERY SLOW?  They are just inputting my purchases from March right now so don't be surprised if your stuff doesn't post very quickly.  Like a rotisserie chicken, just set it and forget it with this one.  They have an eCoupon program too and it is super annoying and I usually forget about it but instead of the coupon coming off in the store the $1 or whatever is deposited into your account. Anyways, it doesn't cost anything to sign up so give it a shot!

The next one is Savingstar.  This is the new kid on the block and it's pretty cool.  You add your store cards and then click the eCoupons you want and then shop.  Once you buy the products you have eCoupons for, their value is deposited into your account on SavingStar and once your account gets to $5, you can cash out right to your Paypal account or an Amazon giftcard.  Again, nothing comes off in the store or on your receipt, it is all handled on the website.  They have alot of diaper eCoupons on there right now!

You can use both Upromise and Savingstar and also use a paper coupon in the store, it's all legit.  In fact, you SHOULD use them all to maximize your savings!

I hope you find this helpful!

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