Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Buying organic & shopping @ Trader Joe's and Whole Foods

Now, let's talk about saving money on organic products. CouponsCouponsCoupons' going to use the term Organic broadly just because I don't have time to go into all the different designations  (cage-free/cruelty free/grass-fed/environmentally friendly).  These products do cost more (20%-40%) than non-organic products but you can still get a great deal!  

Coupons! There ARE coupons available out there for these products!  You will find them in the Sunday paper inserts but alot of them are online on the manufacturer's website or Facebook.  Seventh Generation's website has tons of coupons, same with Stoneyfield Farms and Smart Chicken!  So if you have a favorite brand (I don't know alot of the brands because I live on coffee and Doritos) I would google and see if there are coupons on their website.

Whole Foods take coupons! Yes!  Go to their website.  They have a coupons link in the upper right hand corner.  They take these store coupons and any manufacturer coupons. Also, sign up for their newsletter and they will email you more coupons and notifications of their Saturday sales.  Just a few weeks ago, they had organic ground beef for $1.99/lb from 8am-12pm on Saturday.  What a great deal!  You wouldn't have known about that sale if you weren't on the email list because it was only advertised there!

The lowest prices on organic produce There is only one grocery supplier for the region that supplies organic produce so it's all coming from the same place.  Trader Joe's has the lowest prices I've found of all the grocery stores out there.  Their selection isn't huge but they have the best deals and I love shopping there!

Organic milk Absent great deals at HT or Giant, Trader Joe's has the lowest price on organic milk or even non organic milk.  I priced out every store in the area, even Costco, and TJ's wins.  If your kid is like mine and loves his whole milk, you can start saving money by buying your milk at TJ's!

Organic meat Meat prices are higher at TJ's for non-organic meat but probably the cheapest (without a sale) for organic meats.  I am going to write another email on how to save money in general on meat at the grocery store but in the meantime, it's worth looking at TJ's if you are looking for organic meat.

I hope this was helpful.  I wish I could write more on this subject but I don't eat organic that often because I'm hoping to someday to star in my own TLC reality show about how long someone can live off of Doritos and Starbucks! If anyone has any other tips on this subject, please pass them on!


  1. One tip I have on the Whole Foods front--if you follow your local store on Facebook (I follow the Clarendon location), they always have a Friday deal going! In fact, with blueberries in season, organic blueberries were $1.99 a pint a couple of Fridays ago (just before HT started their buy one get two free promotion on conventional blue berries). I've also seen meat deals like the one Lauren mentions below, and I have heard that Whole Foods has similarly good deals on milk (though we usually buy ours at TJs because as CouponsCouponsCoupons mentions, it's hard to beat $2.99 a gallon!).

  2. If anyone is from upstate NY you know about the amazingness that is Wegmans. We drive out to the one in Fairfax about once a month to stock up on things and frankly it's worth the gas and the ride on 66 for the amazing food and groceries. They have their own Organics stuff
    and their milk, I kid you not, was $2.39 a gallon!! There's a Wegmans technically closer to us but it's off 95 so I refuse to check it out, and allegedly one is being built in Springfield too.

    Wegmans is great because their store brand stuff is cheap and delicious (except for: their light cream cheese and munster cheese). We buy their marinara sauce and it's $.99/jar and there is no corn syrup in it. Wegmans sends you coupons if you join their email list as well. I love them so much that we thought about getting married there but they have a no weddings policy because too many people ask.

  3. CouponsCouponsCouponsJune 28, 2011 at 10:42 PM

    I also LOVE Wegmans and when they opened the Wegmans up at Dulles, there was a huge tailgate in the parking lot, like for a football game. And my friend and I were there! I have good news for you guys, they are building a Wegmans in Alexandria! Yay!